rasmussen v. tesla class representative

What is a class representative? 

A class representative serves as a proxy for all plaintiffs in the state that they live in.  There may be more than one class representative per state.  A class representative is named as a plaintiff in the lawsuit, and the class representative’s experience with Tesla’s violations of federal and state laws would be included within the complaint.  A class representative is consulted about major developments in the case.  For example, if there is a proposed settlement in the case, the class representative would be informed of the terms and his/her opinion would be considered in deciding whether the settlement terms offered are sufficient to resolve the case.

What happens next?

If you sign up to be a class representative, we will reach out to you to make sure that we know how you have been affected.  We will then draft that portion of the complaint that pertains to you and give you an opportunity to review it before we file the lawsuit. Because this will be a nationwide case with many lawsuits filed, not much will happen after the filing of the complaint for several months.  There will ultimately be a hearing where a panel of judges will decide on a single court where all the cases will be sent.  That receiving Court will then hear argument and decide on one or more law firms and lawyers to lead the case on behalf of all class representatives.

Does it cost anything? Will I be paid?

There is no cost to you associated with becoming a class representative.  Any costs associated with the lawsuit will be paid by our law firm and you will have no obligation at any time to pay anything. Typically, at the end of the case, the judge will order a service award to class representatives in recognition of the effort involved in being an effective and cooperative class representative. However, we cannot guarantee that the judge will do so.

What would I have to do?

As a class representative, your initial obligation will be to spend some time collecting documents relating to any interaction you have had with Tesla. We will send you a copy of the lawsuit before we file it so that you can ensure that any information about your interaction with Tesla is correct.  If the case proceeds into extended discovery, which may not happen, you may also have to be available for one day to be interviewed by Tesla’s lawyers in a deposition.  We would be your lawyers if that were to happen.

Why should I do it?

A great class representative plaintiff is one whose main motivation for becoming class representative is that they want to personally hold the defendant (Tesla) accountable.  If you feel betrayed, cheated, or victimized by Tesla and want to take an active role in holding Tesla accountable, then you would likely be a great class representative.  If you want to make a tangible difference in this case by representing similarly affected consumers from your home state then you would be a great class representative

Sign up and join the suit

If you’ve experienced a decrease in range due to Tesla’s recent software updates, or if you are experiencing decreased supercharging speeds and are interested in joining in the case as a class representative plaintiff, please fill out the form below.

Once you have submitted the form, our team will review your submission and follow up with you to discuss and answer any questions that you might have about the case.

Note: Submission of this form does not constitute the creation or forming of an attorney-client relationship. An attorney-client relationship shall only be formed upon your agreement and retention of the firm to represent you in this matter.

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