Tesla slammed With second class action lawsuit



The Law Offices of Edward C. Chen has filed a second class action lawsuit against Tesla, Inc., this time on behalf of our client David Rasmussen. 

The lawsuit, titled David Rasmussen v. Tesla, Inc., case number 5:19-cv-04596-SVK filed in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, arose after Tesla’s response to a series of battery fires worldwide involving its Model S vehicles. 

Along with the Plaintiff, lead counsel Edward C. Chen Esq. concluded after their investigation that Tesla has known that their "pre-facelift" vehicles are prone to catching on fire if the batteries are charged to 4.2 volts, or 100% capacity. 

As Ed Chen commented,

Tesla advertises these cars by their battery capacities like 60, 70, 75, 85 kWH etc. Tesla sold these cars with the advertised capacities and knew that they wouldn't be safe if charged fully to max battery capacity.

Tesla knew that they shipped out and delivered cars with this defect yet they failed to inform customers of the defect. They thought that they could sneak around disclosure by using software updates to limit the ability to fully charge the batteries. What happened after, of course, is that owners like [David] my client saw an immediate range drop of approximately 30 miles or so after updating his car with Tesla's updates [2019.16.1 and 2019.16.2]. 

What's even worse is Tesla's failure to acknowledge the fact that their own software updates limited the battery cap and throttled performance of their cars. They knew this and blatantly lied to people like [David] my client when he tried to get his battery replaced under warranty.

Tesla told customers like David that the range loss he was experiencing was 'normal' despite the obvious fact that a loss in range of approximately 30 miles suddenly and practically overnight is not normal degradation by any means.

This is no different than what Apple did to their older iPhones in the throttling and performance case. 

The complaint alleges that Tesla violated the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act 18 U.S.C 1030, Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act 15 U.S.C 2030 and various violations and fraud causes of action. 

If you or someone you know has purchased a car from Tesla and have been denied a rightful under-warranty repair, you may be able to recover a portion of costs and damages by joining in the suit as a class members. 

Please give us a call or contact us to discuss your options. We look forward to working with you. 


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USCIS visa bulletin: updated July 2019/2019年7月的签证公告更新。


July is here and here comes another update from the USCIS for July 2019!

The full version can be accessed here.

To download a PDF copy of the bulletin, click here.

uscis于2019年7月更新了签证公告。 如果您需要法律援助,请给我们打电话。 无论您的情况多么复杂,我们都会尽力获得最佳结果。

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Father's Day | reminder to all and special thanks

Special Thanks to my dad



Over thirty years ago, my father immigrated with my mother to the United States, leaving behind many friends and family in Taiwan. What were they thinking? As I think to myself now and oftentimes as I am growing older, '“Would I have been able to make the same sacrifices that they did?” Well, the answer for me is unclear, however, I know that my father made that sacrifice 30 years ago, with the hope that doing so would pave the way for a brighter future for his family.

Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and that why I call you dad. You taught me what determination, commitment and courage really stands for and have never stopped supporting me throughout my life and career. Thank you for the sacrifices that you’ve made that have allowed me to grow up and become the person that I am now. Thank you for your everlasting support and unconditional love, you are my hero and constantly serve as a lesson on how I can better myself each day.

No matter what “family” means to you, or who you consider “family”, this is the perfect time to stop and give thanks to those people in your life who are special to you. The Law Offices of Edward C. Chen can assist you with your estate planning needs, including but not limited to creation of trusts, financial powers of attorney, wills and health care directives. Careful drafting and preparation of an estate plan can help you avoid the high costs of administrative fees, attorneys’ fees and taxes that occur during the probate process. Please contact us so we can help you ensure that your “family” is protected and taken care of.





无论“家庭”对您来说意味着什么,或者您认为是“家庭”的人是谁,这是停下来并感谢生活中对您特殊的人的最佳时机。The Law Offices of Edward C. Chen, 陈律师可以帮助您满足您的遗产规划需求,包括但不限于创建信托,财务授权书,遗嘱和医疗保健指令。仔细起草和准备遗产计划可以帮助您避免在遗嘱认证过程中发生的高额管理费,律师费和税费。请联系我们,以便我们帮助您确保您的“家人”受到保护并在您离开后得到照顾。

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Client Green Card Approval: USCIS Approves I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Permanent Residency

USCIS Approves I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Permanent Residency


We are pleased to announce that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently approved the issuance of a Permanent Residence Card (Green Card) for our Client.

Our Client had previously filed a I-751 Adjustment of Status based upon marriage. Our client was granted conditional permanent residence status in mid-2017, however, her marriage had ended in a early divorce due to circumstances out of the client’s control. The Law Offices of Edward C. Chen was called to represent the client with only two weeks notice prior to the interview date.

After carefully reviewing the case, we met with the client to discuss the likely issues that the petition would be faced with. With our extensive legal experience and knowledge of the relevant immigration law at issue, we were able to prepare a strong argument in favor of waiving the requirements of filing a joint petition to remove conditions on permanent residency.

Our client’s petition was granted and approved just over one week after the interview date.

This case is just one small example of how the Law Offices of Edward C. Chen was able to communicate with a client, develop a strong strategy and solution to face the legal issues at hand, and ultimately obtaining the best and most effective result of approval for the client.

If you are facing similar legal issues and would like to speak with an attorney, please contact us so we can discuss the best strategy for you.

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