The state of U.S. immigration laws is something that is in constant flux and immigration attorneys must adapt quickly and implement new strategies in pursuing the claims of their clients. The Law Offices of Edward C. Chen strives to anticipate these changes and implement them into practice so we can achieve the ultimate result for you.

Our immigration clientele includes students, individuals, families and businesses who all seek to immigrate to the United States. Our leading edge and advantage for our Chinese, mandarin-speaking clients come from the fact that we are able to understand the unique differences that both cultures operate by.

We can help you with some of the matters below, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Non-Immigrant Visa/Tourist Visa Applications, Extensions, Change/Adjustment of Status

  • Family-Based Immigration Petitions and Case Matter Follow-Up

  • Business and/or Employment-Based Petitions, Applications and Case Follow-Up

  • Investment-Based Non-Immigration Visas

  • Investment-Based Immigration Petition

  • Citizenship Application and Representation in Subsequent legal proceedings,

  • Removal Proceedings - defense of.

  • Specific Immigration Petititions such as H1-B, L1, L2, EB-5 and more.

By retaining the Law Offices of Edward C. Chen as your legal counsel, you can rest easy knowing that we treat your immigration case attentively and are constantly searching for the best method to provide quality legal representation strive to obtain the best solutions for each individual client.

We strongly believe that immigration cases are highly unique and require steady navigation and a skillful eye toward the nuances of each individual case in order to succeed. Let us guide you through this stressful time and show you your best result.