estate planning


Life is unpredictable. Have you prepared for the worst case scenario? The Law Offices of Edward C. Chen can help you and your family protect your assets to ensure that you have appointed someone to be responsible for your life if you cannot act.

If you do not prepare the legal paperwork, including a will, living trust, power of attorney and/or healthcare directive during your life, your family will be forced to go through the long and drawn-out court process which will cost you extra time, money and costs - not to mention additional emotion stress for your loved ones.

Many married couples believe that they are entitled to make decisions on behalf of one another, however, if the situation involves separate property in the sole name of the other spouse alone, then a legal document such as a power of attorney is necessary in order for a bank to proceed with disbursing or allowing access to funds, for example. Don’t be caught unprepared. Let us help guide you and give you the peace of mind you deserve and preserve what you truly intend for your family and loved ones.