We have the knowledge required and experience needed when dealing with federal and state court claims ranging from breach of contract to all forms of business torts.

We counsel a wide range of business clients in the hospitality, hotel, manufacturing and medical industries and provide advice and pertinent information to maintain business operations and productivity.

We are also fortunate to have the opportunity to serve our clients in startup and smaller-scale businesses. This area is consistently a fierce and tough frontier that requires detail-oriented attorneys to review your special situation and the circumstances that you may face. Our clientele includes owners of small companies involved in sale of electronic goods and accessories. Through our guidance and counseling, we are able to provide a well-rounded balance of legal, operation and fiscal strategies for business-owners and individuals alike in establishing their best company.

We are problem-solvers that live up to the challenge and realize that attention-to-detail and preparation is key to your success. Whatever the type of business you manage or own, all businesses need to minimize their legal liability and risk. We will assess the structure of your operation, such as its physical or digital space, the types of products you sell, who your consumers are, what type of company you have filed under (LLC, Inc, etc.), and so on. From there, we will tailor the right risk plan, complete with permit applications, insurance policies, and more, so you can worry less about liabilities and concentrate on growing your business.